Skiing in Telemark

Go alpine and cross-country skiing by destinations like Gaustablikk, Gautefall, Nissedal and Vrådal, Rauland and Vinje.

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Go skiing by Gaustablikk in Telemark.

Ever since early 19th century and up to this day, the development of modern skiing follows the original inventions of Sondre Norheim and his contemporary companions. From the small village of Morgedal in Telemark, ideas on types of skis and skiing techniques formed the essential basis of todays skiing.

When visiting Telemark today you can choose from a wide range of destinations to go to. Gaustablikk and Gautefall are the largest ones, both with a good and varied selection in slopes and lifts, for all levels of skiers.
In these areas, like in Nissedal and Vradal, Rauland and Vinje too, you can also combine downhill skiing with cross-country skiing. Other winter activities like tobogganing, dog sledging, sleigh rides and more, may also be available.

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