Northern lights and midnight sun - Norwegian magic!

The northern lights will surely capture you, when visiting North Norway..

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Photo: Gaute Bruvik - IN

The northern lights and the midnight sun are on the top of the list of things to experience, when going on a visit to northern Norway. The midnight sun can be enjoyed in summertime, between March and September, while the northern lights is easiest to view in wintertime when it is dark.

Find the peace and tranquillity for managing the busy workdays back home, while watching beautiful natural phenomenons, or try beating your old record in catching the biggest fish.

Relax or explore Norway - it is your choice!

Here you find a selection of cabins, holiday houses, fisherman`s shacks etc. where you (depending on time of year) will be able to experience the memorable midnight sun and northern lights. 

See our selection of cabins and holiday homes in Northern Norway -

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