Round trip of Norway

Want to see and experience as much of Norways diversity as possible while here? Get tips in making your own round trip.

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See both fjords and mountains on your round trip of Norway.

A holiday can have various purposes and content, like for instance focus on physical challenges on a nature based activity holiday, to experience new culture and see the sights, visiting well known attractions, or just enjoying total relaxation in new surroundings. On a round trip you can include all of it!

Norway offers a wide diversity within all the purposes you might think of for a holiday. Here you can start off your stay in one of the larger cities, then travel up in the mountains where you can enjoy the beautiful and unique high mountain nature - on foot or bicycle perhaps, before you continue down to the fjords, and really get the best impression of the spectacular contrasts between fjords and mountains.
Along the way you can spice up the vacation with attractions and landmarks of your own choice.

Whether you arrive to Norway by air, from sea or in your private car, to the eastern, southern, western, central or northern part of the country, we can help you with suggestions on travelling routes, things to see and places to stay. 

  • One of the most popular routes from the eastern parts of Norway passes through the valley Hallingdal towards the fjords. A special free discount card for families with children – the Adventure card, entitles you to special deals and also some gifts from more than 40 suppliers found along this specific route. Finishing the tour in Bergen (or in Oslo if you travel in the opposite direction) you will have the best chance of having the most comprehensive and complete Norway round trip!

These suggested trips are only two of many routes suitable for a round trip for seeing as much of Norway as possible. We aim to offer accommodation all over Norway and have both the premises and experience in helping you to explore Norway your way.

You will not find the full package deal ready to be bought here. Instead we give you tips on things to do and see – like what is actually possible to see of the country when staying here 2-3 days, 4-7 days or more, and suggestions on places to stay in vacation rentals with self catering along the route.

We would very much like to help you – contact us for tips in making your own round trip of Norway!

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