Large cabins

Want to bring the whole family? Here you can see our large cabins for 15 persons or more. 


0633005 - Storhytta*


Cabin by Dagalifjell. Located in the midst of ski tracks and hiking approx. 1040 masl. Nice view towards the lake ´Torsetvann´ and the mountain plateaus in the south and to the west.

18 persons.

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0826084 - Gaustavista*


Cabin at Gaustablikk. Gaustavista is located 950 meters above sea level, ski in/ ski out to  Gaustablikk Alpine center. Closest village is Rjukan, 12 km.

16 persons.  View on map

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0617047 - Kontakten


Cabin in Golsfjellet. This spacious cabin belongs to the Red Cross emergency service of Gol and Hemsedal. It is located 950 metres above sea level just above the Kamben Hotel and has a nice view in all directions.

22 persons.  View on map                              

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0519015 - Gålå Fjellhytte 16 pers*

Gålå Fjellhytte 16 pers*

Large cabin in Gala. This cabin is located 900 metres above sea level in the area Per Gyntlia in Gålå.

16 persons.  View on map

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0618006 - Skogshornstua*


Large cabin in Hemsedal. Skogshornstua is situated in very beautiful surroundings, approx. 860 metres above sea level in Hemsedal.

30 persons.  View on map

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0111028 - Skipperhus Skjærhallen

Skipperhus Skjærhallen

Holiday house by sea in Skjaerhalden - Hvaler. It is idyllically located on a hill, within walking distance to the village centre of Skjærhalden and with a nice view towards Koster.

14 persons.  View on map

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0522014 - Veisten Gård*

Veisten Gård*

Hotel in Forset.Veisten Gård is located in Gausdal Municipality, about 25 km to Skeikampen and Hafjell. A great place with a great atmosphere and a lots of activity opportunities.

36 persons.  View on map

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0516003 - Kvamhytta


Cabin at Kvamsfjellet by Rondane. The cabin is located 800 meters above sea level. Nearest villages is Kvam (10km) and Vinstra (20km).

27 persons.  View on map                                           

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0728001 - Svarstadhytta*


Large log cabin by Svarstad - Lågendalen, approx. 1 h from Oslo. The cabin is highly suitable for seminars, events and  kick-offs and can accommodate totally 41 persons.

41 persons.  View on map

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0428024 - Bjørnehiet - Storhytte*

Bjørnehiet - Storhytte*

Large cabin by Trysil. It is located in a group of cabins by the river Trysilelva, with a great view towards the Trysil mountain area.

18 persons.  View on map                                     

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0619027 - Svarthamar Storhytte*

Svarthamar Storhytte*

Cabin in Aal - Hallingdal. This vertically divided cabin is located 1050 metres above sea level, and has a panoramic view towards all mountains between the mountain areas of Hallingskarvet and Blåbergi.

16 persons.  View on map                                 

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