Fishing in Norway

If you are planning on fishing in Norway you are spoilt for choice! Norway has some of the best fishing in the world. Whether its sea fishing around the extensive coastline with its deep fjords and inlets . . . or fresh water fishing in tranquil rivers or in one of the 450,000 lakes dotted all over the country there is something for everyone. Why not consider a spot of ice fishing even?

We have a number of cabins which are just perfectly positioned for superb Norway fishing holidays.

Popular resorts for fishing in Norway

Lofoten - in North Norway

The Lofoten archipelago is a group of islands that lie within the Arctic Circle on the north coast of Norway. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of Norway, and many people visit for the dramatic scenery, the unique wildlife, the midnight sun and the northern lights.

Lofoten is home to the world’s deepest coral reef called the Røst Reef and the area is abundant with sea life. It also has a special micro climate where it is ‘relatively warmer’ than other locations on the same latitude, due to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream. These special conditions mean it has long been a major fishing area due to its proximity to the spawning ground of the cod, or Norwegian skrei.

Lofotfiske refers to the seasonal tradition of fishing and drying the cod, known as skrei. The season runs from January through to April. The fish are preserved by drying on large outdoor racks. Rather than using salt or smoke to preserve the fish, the cold dry air is all that is necessary to dry out the fish until it can be transported and exported.

Whether you have a keen interest in fishing, and wish to try some yourself, or you are just interested in the Lofotfiske, the Lofoten islands are definitely well worth the visit.

Bergen - in Vestlandet or Western Norway

Bergen is ideally situated for those wishing to go fishing. You can enjoy adventurous days out, then enjoy the rest of your time exploring the Bryggen and the Bergen outdoor fish market, or Fisketorget.

Bergen has great deep sea fishing opportunities and you can choose whether to stay in the relatively calmer waters within the surrounding islands and skerries, or you can venture out to the open water. There are plenty of sea fishing tours in the area, and the captain will take you to all the good spots.

Many of our Bergen cabins come with a boat for hire.

Golsfjellet and Hemsedal

The nearby resorts of Golsfjellet and Hemsedal are great places to fish trout and both have a great variety of lake, rivers and creeks to explore.  The fly fishing in Hemsedal is especially good.  It has the river Hemsila which has crystal clear waters, ideal for trout.  The Hemsedal season lasts from 1 June to 16 September and you need a fishing licence to fish trout there.

Ål in Hallingdal

The fishing around Ål and the Hallingdal valley is excellent. There is an abundance of trout and other freshwater fishing all around the area. Char and whitefish can be found in Ål as well. 

Make sure you buy a fishing license or ‘Fiskekort’. These are usually issued by local land owners so you need to check when and where you are going before you purchase one. There are a number of ways you can do this and you must also abide by the rules for recreational fishing in rivers and lakes.

Types of fish you can expect to catch in Norway

  • Char - røye
  • Coalfish - Sei
  • Cod - Torsk / Skrei
  • Halibut - Kveite
  • Grayling - harr
  • Ling - lange
  • Mackerel - Makrell
  • Perch - abbor
  • Pike - gjedde
  • Pollack - lyr
  • Salmon - laks
  • Sea Trout - Sjøørret
  • Trout - ørret
  • Wolffish - Steinbit

Information for oversees travellers

You are encouraged to enjoy your Norway fishing holidays, but as a visitor you are expected to follow the regulations for foreign visitors, to protect the fish stocks, some of which are under pressure. If you are planning on deep sea fishing or fishing from the shore, fishing permits or other licences are not required so long as you follow the rules and regulations.

(However you do need a licence or permit if you are older than 16 and you want to fish for salmon, sea trout or sea char, or use fixed equipment to fish in the sea)

Useful links

  • Remember to stay safe if you are going out on the water - and follow these safety on the water tips
  • Fritidsfiske is an excellent app available in various languages including English and which has everything you need to know about fishing in Norway, including equipment, and minimum sizes and rules and regulations that you need to follow. 
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