Downhill skiing and snowboarding in Norway

Downhill skiing, or alpine skiing, and snowboarding are popular sports throughout Norway. The ski season is long and the snow conditions are invariably excellent, plus the Norway ski resorts are child friendly and not too crowded. 

Most Norway ski resorts have ski schools and all round great facilities making them ideal for families and beginners and even for those who wish to venture off piste. The quality of accommodation and the local mountain food is always good too! Alongside that many Norway ski resorts offer other winter sports you can try your hand at such as husky sledding, ice fishing, sledding and snow kiting. Most resorts also have flood lights and evening skiing so your fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down.

Why not try Norway alpine skiing or snowboarding next time you are looking for fabulous, un-crowded slopes!

Interesting facts

  • The word ski originates from the old Norse word skíð, or a split piece of wood
  • The first snowboarders were called Snurfers!
  • Norway has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, in Oslo in 1952 and in Lillehammer in 1994

Popular resorts for downhill skiing and snow boarding in Norway

Geilo - Geilosiden

  • Geilosiden is the larger of two ski resorts in Geilo, one of Norway’s most popular ski areas
  • Lower level: 800m
  • Higher level: 1178m
  • Range: 378m
  • Number of lifts: 13
  • Ski area: 20.6km
  • Blue runs: 10km
  • Red runs: 8km
  • Black runs: 2.6km

Geilo – Geilolia - Kikut

  • The smaller of the two ski resorts in Geilo
  • Lower level: 800m
  • Higher level: 1076m
  • Range: 276m
  • Number of lifts: 7
  • Ski area: 13.6km
  • Blue runs: 8km
  • Red runs: 11km
  • Black runs: 2km


  • Great snow and plenty of ski lifts
  • Lower level: 620m
  • Higher level: 1450m
  • Range: 830m
  • Number of lifts: 18
  • Ski area: 44.1km
  • Blue runs: 29.2km
  • Red runs: 10.8km
  • Black runs: 4.1km


  • Norway’s largest ski resort and easily accessible
  • Lower level: 415m
  • Higher level: 1100m
  • Range: 685m
  • Number of lifts: 31
  • Ski area: 71km
  • Blue runs: 33km
  • Red runs: 18km
  • Black runs: 20km


  • Hafjell opened in 1988 as part of the Lillehammer complex for the 1994 Winter Olympic games and is easily accessible from Oslo
  • Lower level: 195m
  • Higher level: 1030m
  • Range: 835m
  • Number of lifts: 15
  • Ski area: 44km
  • Blue runs: 33km
  • Red runs: 7km
  • Black runs: 4km


  • Modern and family friendly
  • Lower level: 822m
  • Higher level: 1183m
  • Range: 361m
  • Number of lifts: 8
  • Ski area: 34.4km
  • Blue runs: 19.1km
  • Red runs: 13.2km
  • Black runs: 2.1km


  • Lower level: 774m
  • Higher level: 1123m
  • Range: 349m
  • Number of lifts: 9
  • Ski area: 21
  • Blue runs: 8km
  • Red runs: 11km
  • Black runs: 2km
  • General description: The 8 man chairlift at Skeipkampen makes skiing this resort easy and fun with a family. Other winter sports area also on offer and it is easily accessible from Oslo.

Gaustatoppen / Gaustablikk

  • The Gaustablikk ski centre is at the foot of the Gaustatoppen mountain, the highest mountain in southern Norway. It is the largest ski centre in the Telemark region, and has multiple slopes and good floodlighting / night skiing
  • Lower level: 550m
  • Higher level: 1250m
  • Range: 700m
  • Number of lifts: 12
  • Ski area: 34
  • Blue runs: 22km
  • Red runs: 8km
  • Black runs: 4km


  • An hour north of Lillehammer, this resort is easily accessible and stretches along the shores of Lake Gålåvatnet
  • Lower level: 800m
  • Higher level: 1148m
  • Range: 348m
  • Number of lifts: 7
  • Ski area: 19
  • Blue runs: 13km
  • Red runs: 5km
  • Black runs: 1km


  • A small resort in a beautiful mountain village in Valdres
  • Lower level: 900m
  • Higher level: 1107m
  • Range: 207m
  • Number of lifts: 7
  • Ski area: 12km
  • Blue runs: 9km
  • Red runs: 3km
  • Black runs: 0km

Information for overseas travellers

Most Norway ski resorts are staffed by English speaking staff and are easily accessible from Norwegian airports via year round roads.  You can either hire a car to reach your destination or checkout the Norway Express bus service that serves many Norway ski resorts.  Norway also has a comprehensive rail network with some of the most scenic journeys in the world - if you want a different way to travel.

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