Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Norgesbooking AS

1.Payment and security deposit
Payment: 25% of the payment is due at the time of reservation, and the rest, 30 days prior to arrival.  This will automatically be charged from your debit-/credit card. For bookings made later than 30 days before arrival, 100% is due at the time of reservation.

Unless tenants can prove that the payment of the 1st invoice has occurred within the respite, Norgesbooking AS is not automatically obligated to honor the agreement. Please note that absence in paying is not accepted as a cancellation. A cancellation must according to point 3 be effected in writing, and within the time limit. In the opposite case tenant is economically responsible.
Information about key delivery and road description, and other details will be sent to the guest when complete rent is registered by Norgesbooking AS. An administration fee of NOK 120,- will be charged for all our properties

Security deposit: In addition to the rent a deposit will be charged: NOK 1.000,- for holiday homes with rent up to NOK 5.000,-, NOK 2.000,- for holiday homes with total amount up to NOK 10.000 and NOK 3.000,-, for holiday homes with total amount over NOK 10.000,-, as security for final cleaning, replacement of keys and damage. In specific cases, a higher amount may be appointed.
Providing that the holiday house is left in a satisfactorily cleaned and undamaged condition, the deposit will be refunded to your bank-/credit card. Remember to fill out the deposit refund form which is to be found in the road description.

2. Reservation/confirmation
The person/company, in which name the booking is registered on, is economically responsible for the rental agreement, i.e. for payment obligations in general and possible damage claims, if something should occur during the stay. A booking, either it happens in writing via online booking/email or orally, is binding. The booking is confirmed in writing by Norgesbooking AS, via e-mail. Any changes or possibly cancellation must be done in writing,and according to point 3 - Cancellation/Alterations. Normally the age limit for booking via Norgesbooking AS is 23 years old. There are deviations, where some cabins have higher or lower age limit.

3. Cancellation/Alterations
The tenant may cancel or alter his/her agreement 30 days before arrival at the latest for a fee of NOK 500. The administration fee of NOK 120,- will not be refunded when making a cancellation. Reservations that are booked later than 30 days prior to arrival are binding. All cancellations or alterations must be sent in writing via email. The cancellation is only valid when it’s been confirmed in writing by Norgesbooking AS. Lack of payment is not valid as a cancellation. Cancellation due to illness must be covered by the tenant (your) travel insurance.

4. Cabin information
The holiday home is for let according to the information given in the presentation. Please note that typical seasonal facilities (like boat, outdoor furniture, barbecue grill etc.) not necessarily are available year-round.
Most of the cabins and holiday homes offered by Norgesbooking AS are privately-owned, and some personal belongings might therefore be present. Norgesbooking AS cannot guarantee that the cabin is warm at the time of arrival. The road to, and parking lot, should be cleared of snow. We recommend you to bring chains during the winter season.
Smoking is prohibited in all cabins and apartments.

5. Rent
It will vary what is included in the rental price. The presentation will state if final cleaning is included in the price or not. For some holiday homes, this must be paid to the owner at arrival.
Later arrival or earlier departure than appointed, or even if the cabin or holiday home should not be used, does not justify a reduction in the rent. If there should be any changes in taxes, duties and licenses, Norgesbooking AS reserves the right to change the prices relative to the increased costs.

6. Additional services
Some holiday homes offer bed linen, final cleaning, boat rental, snowmobile transport etc., as stated in each individual description on the presentation pages. These services may be booked immediately, or 2 weeks before arrival at the latest for us to be able to guarantee this. Payment for these services are either on spot by arrival, or per invoice along with the rent. Some cabins have mandatory final cleaning and/or bed linen, and this will come in addition to the rent.

7. Number of persons
The holiday home is equipped and designed for the number of persons that are stated in the presentation on the website. If the unit is used by more persons than it’s meant for, without the approval from Norgesbooking AS or the owner, it will entail financial consequences for the tenant. It is forbidden to raise a tent, bring a caravan or anything similar to the ground surrounding the holiday house, unless it is appointed in writing in advance.
The number of seating in the living room/sofas, can be less than the number of beds.

8. House pets
If an animal is brought along to stay in the holiday home, Norgesbooking AS must be notified, even if pets are allowed. House pets are only allowed where it is particularly stated in the presentation of the holiday home. Any violation to this rule will cause a claim of NOK 1500,- towards the tenant.
Pets must not be allowed to be in the furniture, and shall not be left alone in the holiday home. Dogs must be leashed when outside and excrements must be removed. The tenant is liable for any damages the pet might cause.
At departure make sure that all hairs, fur etc. is removed. For agreements, where the tenant orders and pays for final cleaning or it’s mandatory (possible when renting some holiday homes), an additional “house pet fee” can come in addition to the final cleaning price. This possible extra fee will then be especially stated.

9. Regulations
The tenant and his/hers travel companions are obligated to follow any house rules/regulations given, instructions found in the holiday home for various implements, and otherwise maintain peace and order. The house is further to be left in a tidy and meticulously – clean condition. The tenant will be held economically responsible for any unsatisfactorily final cleaning. Final cleaning is available as an additional service when renting several of Norgesbooking`s cabins and holiday homes. If you pay for this service, you are still obligated to leave the house in a tidy condition. Rubbish must be removed, the dishes must be done and put away and the outdoor area tidied. Tenant must also make sure to leave the house properly locked and without damages. If something should occur, Norgesbooking must immediately be notified (see more information, point 10).

10. Deficiencies
Any damage or deficiency noticed on arrival, should be immediately reported using Norgesbooking AS’s duty telephone + 47 40 46 35 00, and no later than 24 hours after arrival. It’s important to take pictures which can be provided to Norgesbooking. Even when the tenant is in direct contact with the owner or a representative on the site, a message MUST be given to Norgesbooking AS. The tenant must not attempt any form of reparation, without an agreement with Norgesbooking AS. Instructions found in the cabin for various implements, must be followed. If a tenant does not report possible damages, deficiencies or lack in standard of cleaning by his/her arrival, it may lead to him/her being left responsible, even if others has caused the situation to appear. It is therefore important to reportall damages and deficiencies to Norgesbooking AS via our duty phone.

If a tenant arrives a holiday house which is not thoroughly cleaned, he/she is not automatically given the right to leave the holiday house without doing the final cleaning himself/herself. This must be reported to Norgesbooking’s duty phone.

Facilities that might be available which are not described on the presentation page (and with that not included in the rent), are also at tenants disposal, unless other information is given by the owner. If however, these facilities have deficiencies or do not function properly, they cannot be claimed to be repaired or economically compensated for.Norgesbooking AS reserves the right to, within reasonable time, administer the correction of damages and deficiencies, or possibly to offer to move to a similar type of accommodation. If the new holiday home is a more expensive alternative, it might result in the tenant having to pay the extra cost.

The procedure, with regards to a possible justification to compensation and the order of magnitude, is handled after the stay is finished. The person manning our duty phone is not authorized to handle claims of compensation per telephone. A possible claim of compensation must therefore be sent Norgesbooking AS in writing, with photos and/or receipts, and within a week after the stay is over at the latest. A claim of compensation/refund cannot exceed the total rental sum. 
Should the tenant leave the holiday home without informing Norgesbooking AS, and by that not give us the opportunity of improving any damage or to offer other type of accommodation, Norgesbooking AS cannot be imposed to the responsibility of granting a compensation or refund.
If the above is not carried out, the tenant will not be entitled to a procedure or eventual compensation, and a possible complaint will not be accepted and handled by Norgesbooking AS.

11. Arrival and departure
The period of tenancy starts on the day of arrival at 3 pm, and ends on the day of departure at 11 am, unless otherwise is mentioned. If arrival does not take place on the first day of the tenancy period, or by a late arrival, this must be especially appointed with Norgesbooking AS and owner/key responsible.

12. Route/Key Information
Norgesbooking will send you information related to the travel route and and the whereabouts of the keys, when full rental payment is received

13. Norgesbooking AS is a rental agent
Norgesbooking AS lets cabins and holiday homes, and do not own the objects. Norgesbooking AS reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement, and return the fee, should the rental aim prove unattainable for reasons outside the control of Norgesbooking AS’s influence. I.e. transfer of ownership, forced sale, nonfulfillment from owner’s side.


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