Why list your cabin with Norgesbooking?

Do you have a holiday home that is empty during certain times of the year, that could be earning good money?  You know there is potential to rent it out, but you are not sure where to start?

Then don't worry, we are here to help you!

Norgesbooking is Norway’s largest Norwegian-owned national rental agency for rental of cottages and holiday homes in Norway.  We also have a large number of guests who come to us each year looking for cabins and apartments to rent all over the country.  It's the perfect mix!  You let us know when your cabin or apartment is available to rent out and we will find the right guests for you.

We have 18 years of experience dealing with cabin rentals for our loyal guests, so we know how to present your property at its best.  Plus we know a thing or two about listing your property with on online travel agents (OTAs) such as Airbnb and Booking.com.  Not only will we list your property on Norgesbooking.com, but we will also list it on the other booking channels as part of the service!

Good rental income

It can be expensive to own a cabin and you might not always have the time to use it. Why not let it out when you don't use it yourself and enjoy an income instead.  We ensure that all your rental income is in your account at the agreed time.


We deal with all the income from the booking ensuring you get paid on time. Norgesbooking also take a security deposit from all guests. In the rare event something should happen with your cabin, we make sure we take this up with the guests so you don't have to.  


Norgesbooking makes no demands on how many or which weeks you rent with us. You can use your cabin whenever you wish, and you can easily block periods via your own login on our pages. 

You are also welcome to rent your cabin through other agents and via your own website.


Of course you also get free entry on Norgesbooking.com.  We often are travelling all over Norway, so if you like we are even happy to come and help take photos of your holiday property at no extra charge.


We manage your cabin listing on Airbnb saving you both time and stress.  Simply leave all the details to us, after all we have 18 years of experience in the field.


Maximise your profile by listing your property on Booking.com.  We know all the ins and outs of how to get you the best listing and we deal with all the administration too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I proceed to rent my cabin through Norgesbooking?

  • 2. What commission do you take?

  • 3. Can I use the cabin myself?

  • Am I Tied into a 12 month Contract?

  • Why Can't Multiple Agents Lease My Property?

  • 6. What do I do if something gets broken in the cabin?

  • 7. How much can I earn?

If you do not find an answer to what you are looking for or wish to enter into an agreement with Norgesbookings, please contact us by email post@norgesbooking.no , phone +47 32 08 57 10 or our contact form

Mvh Sylwia, Partner at Norgesbooking