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Do you have a cabin or apartment you want to rent out and earn income from? We can help you!

Norgesbooking is Norway’s largest Norwegian-owned national rental agency for rental of cottages and holiday homes in Norway.

We have great demand from guests who wish to rent cabins and apartments all over the country. Do you have a holiday home that is empty during periods? It’s good money to earn on renting it out!

Good rental income

It may be expensive to own a cabin. In addition, a cabin is well used. You might also want to be able to go elsewhere without a bad conscience? Lead out the cabin when you do not use it yourself. We ensure that rental income is on account at the agreed time.


Norgesbooking assures all holiday homes through a security deposit from all our guests. There is very rare something unforeseen happening in the cabins, but if something should happen, we make sure to take this with the guest so you do not have to.


Renting out yourself can mean a lot of work with guests before deciding to rent and getting rental income at the right time. We do this for you. We also have a guard phone so guests can contact us instead of you during your stay. We also provide cleaning of the cabin, so you do not have to let it down between each rental.

Use cabin whenever you want

Norgesbooking makes no demands on how many and what weeks you rent. When renting through us, you can use the cabin whenever you wish, and you can easily block periods via your own login on our pages. If you wish to rent the cabin on your own as well as via us, you are welcome to this.


We take the whole job of posting the ad on our website. You also get free entry on via us. If you wish, we have the opportunity to take pictures of holiday homes large parts of the country at no charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I proceed to rent my cabin through Norgesbooking?

  • 2. What commission do you take?

  • 3. Can I use the cabin myself?

  • Am I Tied into a 12 month Contract?

  • Why Can't Multiple Agents Lease My Property?

  • 6. What do I do if something gets broken in the cabin?

  • 7. How much can I earn?

If you do not find an answer to what you are looking for or wish to enter into an agreement with Norges Bookings, please contact us by mail , phone +47 32 08 57 10 or our contact form

Mvh Sylwia, Partner at Norgesbooking