Sun and sea in Norway

We have selected our 'sun and sea' range of properties as those with stunning locations on the coast where you have unlimited access to the sea and hopefully plenty of sun as well.  Some locations such as Stavanger and Sørlandet are popular resorts in the south which enjoy warm summer days.  Others such as Bergen have wonderful westerly sea views with the sun setting over the water. Finally we have the Lofoten Islands which are located so far north and within the arctic circle they enjoy 'white nights' around the time of the summer solstice!

All of these locations have a strong affinity with the sea and the coast.  Most are great locations for boating, kayaking, swimming and fishing. You will find ferries to take you from island to island and some of the best seafood in the world.  

Lofoten in Nord or North Norway

If you are planning on visiting the Lofoten Islands, you will no doubt have your own ideas on what you want to see and do while you are there. Depending on the time of year that might be enjoying the midnight sun, hiking, exploring the incredible coastline and the sea, or enjoying the traditional food of the islands and looking out for the northern lights!

Some popular ways to make the most of the sea and sun include:

  • A wildlife cruise or a sea safari
  • A fishing trip
  • Island hopping by ferry
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling or scuba diving
  • Visiting one of the beaches such as Rambergstranda

Bergen in West or Vestlandet

Bergen a charming and historic city with strong trading and seafaring routes, and is known as the gateway to the fjords. Not only does it have stunning mountains and fjords on its doorstep, but this charming port is protected from the North Sea by an island archipelago to the west creating a range of coastline that is hard to beat.

No trip to Bergen is complete without exploring the sea and the fjords and there are many ways to do this. Here are just some of our suggestions:

  • Spend a day island hopping on the post boat that serves the community in Solund, the most westerly municipality of Norway.
  • Take the Norled Express Boat from Bergen to Flåm. The travelling time is just over 5 hours and the journey takes you through breath-taking scenery as you travel up the Sognefjord, or the King of the Fjords!


Stavanger is a beautiful and colourful little city in southwest Norway and has some of the oldest wooden homes in Europe. It is famous for its street art, Viking museum, Petroleum museum and the Norwegian canning museum.

There are plenty of boat and fishing tours in the area if you want to explore the beautiful surroundings. It is also a great place to visit if you wish to undertake the Pulpit Rock hike. A fun way to do this is to get the ferry to Tau, and then take a bus to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge where the hike starts. The ferry takes around 35 to 40 minutes and the bus runs between April and September.

Sørlandet in southern Norway

Sørlandet is the southernmost municipality in Norway, and is home to Kristiansand, Norway’s 5th largest city and to Mandal a popular seaside resort. It is home to many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the long summer days and watersports.

Tjøme and Hvaler in the south east of Norway

Tjøme is an island less than 2 hours south of Oslo and is part of an archipelago with a fantastic coastline. It is nicknamed ‘Summer Island’ as many visitors come each summer to enjoy the idyllic outdoor lifestyle, the long summer days and the water-sports.

Hvaler is another island, or group of islands, across the Oslofjord from Tjøme. Again they are popular with summer visitors, and people from Oslo looking for a summer getaway. The area is also home to the Ytre Hvaler National Park which was Norway’s first national marine park. The world’s largest inland coral reef can be found in the marine park and so it is popular with ecologists. The islands are also home to all kinds of water-sports, and people love to visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the coastal paths and to go island hopping.

Interesting facts

  • Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the world due to its inlets, islands and fjords!
  • Check out when you can see the midnight sun in various locations in Norway
  • In Norway you have rights of access meaning you can enjoy any beach and roam where you like . . .  so long as you don't leave any litter and show respect for nature

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