Top 10 things to bring with you to a Norwegian cabin in winter

Packing for a trip to a Norwegian cabin trip is not always easy. There is a lot to do and if you have rented a cabin on the mountains, you might not always know what is in the cabin.

We have some great advice for you and 10 things to bring that can help save your holiday!

1 Games

Bring some games that the whole family can join in with. Our favourite is Yahtzee! It doesn’t take up much space and is a game that suits all ages. Most people already know how to play, and even if they don’t it only takes a few minutes to learn the rules.

2 A shovel

A shovel can be both practical and fun! You might need it to clear a path to the cabin after a large snowfall, but it can also be used to make snow caves, build jumps or you can even use it as a sledge if you have forgotten one!

3 Sledges

Sledging or tobogganing is an activity that everyone can join in with, big or small, old or young! Not only is it great fun, but it is also great exercise! Whilst you might not have room for a full sized sledge in your luggage, you should have room for bum slider or tea tray sledge, or even a roll of heavy duty garbage bags can work well!

4 Firelighters

It is a known fact that watching the flames of a real fire can reduce stress. Everyone loves a bit of quiet time in front of a real fire, but they aren’t always the easiest things to get going! Always carry some firelighters in your luggage, so that you don’t end up with a struggle to start a fire, after all you want to your blood pressure to fall, not rise!

5 Candles

Like wood fires, candles really make a great ambiance in a Norwegian cabin in the winter! Whether they are for necessity or to create a warming atmosphere, it is always nice to have some candles around. We recommend taller candles which last longer than tea lights.

6 Salt, pepper, oil and toilet paper!

It is very frustrating to get to your cabin right up in the mountains and realise that you have nothing to roast your dinner in and that there is nothing to spice up your food. Worst still, there is not toilet paper! Our tip is to take some with you to avoid a crisis!

7 A packet of plasters or blister patches

This is something that can really save your holiday and the nearest shop could be some distance away! If you are unlucky enough to get a blister on the first day of your ski trip it really could ruin the rest of your week, so make sure you are well prepared.

8 Sweets and snacks!

Pick and mix, sweets and snacks are something that Norwegians take seriously when they take a trip to the cabin in winter! Whether it is sweets for a ski trip or some crisps for the evening make sure you have good supplies. A Kinder Surprise is a great way to save a breakdown when the little ones are tired!

9 Some wine and a good book

Relaxing by the fire with some wine and a good book, once the children are settled is the ultimate relaxation! Make sure you don’t run out!

10 Don’t forget the dog!

Don’t think you need to put your dog in a kennel for your trip to the cabin this winter. Why not bring your dog with you? After all they are part of the family and they are great company too! Make sure you rent a cabin where the dog can come too!

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