Winter holiday

Our beautiful Norwegian winter is here, and now is the time to plan your winter holiday. Hire a cabin in the mountains surrounded by stunning countryside and experience our Norwegian winter at its best!

Norway winter holidays are generally guaranteed to include plenty of snow and a mixture of outdoor activities and homely traditions. There really is something for everyone. Bring your family and friends and spend your days cross country skiing or alpine skiing. In the afternoon and evening you can retreat to a cabin with a real fire and get ‘koselig’ (the Norwegian word for cosy). Light some candles, get out the board games or put on a movie, make some foodie treats and warming drinks and simply enjoy each other’s company.

We have cabins where you can ski in / out to either alpine hills or onto cross-country ski tracks, straight from the cabin door. We are also very flexible with timings. You can choose to stay just for a few days or for a week or more. And, if you want to extend your stay but need to catch up on some work whilst you are here, we also have cabins with good internet connections. You can get on with a little work, and the kids can stream a movie.

Start planning your perfect Norwegian winter holiday here. We have plenty of cabins and many possibilities. We are only too happy to help you if you need any advice so please contact us, or call us on 32 08 57 10 and we will be happy to help you.

Below you can see available cabins for the winter holidays:

Week 7: 9-16 February 2020

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Week 8: 16 - 23 February 2020

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Week 9: 23 February until 1 March 2020

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Week 10: 1. March to 8. March 2020

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If you require any help or advice with your booking please contact us or call us on 32 08 57 10 

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