Top 10 activities when staying in a Norwegian cabin in winter

When most people think of staying in a cabin in Norway in the winter, they think of cross- country and alpine skiing, and don’t think about much else. But there are so many other things you can do, especially if you are not enthusiastic about an 8 hour cross-country outing every day! Here are some suggestions of some other great ways to spend your time!

1 Make a snow cave

This is fun for kids and great exercise for the adults. Don't let your imagination stop you - build tunnels, towers and caves. You can even add lighting for a great atmosphere in the evening!

2 Cross-country moonlight tour

When the moon is full, it is a wonderful opportunity go cross-country skiing in the moonlight. You can either make it a romantic trip for the adults, or an exciting adventure for the kids!

3 Family Competition / Relay Races

Why not create a competition for the whole family. Throw snowballs at a target, jump on skis and have a relay race. Don’t let your imagination stop you! And in the evening you can all relax by the fire and have a medal ceremony!

4 Tobogganing

Tobogganing is an activity that everyone can participate in, big and small, old and young! Not only is it great fun but it is also great exercise! In many places you can set off from right outside the cabin, but it can also be something you can easily do whilst out on a ski trip. Keep a roll of garbage bags in your rucksack so you can surprise the kids with sledge when you find a great spot!

5 Snowshoeing

If you are not so fond of skiing, or do you want to experience nature in a different way in the winter, why not try snowshoeing? With snowshoes you can adventure through dense forest and open spaces. If you keep silent, and keep your eyes open it is a great way to see wild animals if you are lucky!

6 Make dinner together

Why not let the children choose a dinner menu, and let them do all the preparation and cooking, not only will they have a great time and learn some skills, but you will get a night off! Alternatively split the courses between the family. Let the little ones organise the appetizers, uncle can take care of the main course and Dad and the big brothers can make the dessert. Or make everything extra exciting by cooking on a bonfire outside!

7 Skiing 100 meters

Have your children just learned to ski? Are the grandparents slowing down a little? Why not make a 100 meter ski course so you can settle who is the fastest. You can even arrange a jumping competition by creating a ramp with snow, so take a shovel with you.
Pack your bag full of goodies and hot chocolate, take some reindeer hides so you do not freeze and take sausages for a barbecue! You can be exploring and having fun around the cabin all day! And let’s face it you only need a glimpse of the cabin to make you really feel like you are on holiday!

8 Play

Bring some games along to the cabin that suits everyone. Children like games that don’t take too long, whereas adults enjoy something that can take several days, like Risk. Or cards to play after the children have settled. You can even take a game along on a hike to make it more fun for everyone.

9 Snowball Game

Why not organise a snowball game - adults against the kids! You can either throw them at each other or throw them at a target. Remember, the adults can easily get carried away, so take care and be careful to avoid accidents!

10 Quiz

Easter isn’t the only time for a quiz. You can organise one on any trip to the cabin! A simple trick is to use a quiz book or take questions from a Trivial Pursuit Game. If you are feeling a bit more creative you can create quiz in advance. You can even use the app Kahoot
Arrange teams with a mixture of children and adults. And remember the kids know a lot of things the adults don’t have a clue about!

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