Top 5 cabins for fishing in Norway

Are you a fishing enthusiast who likes to travel? People have been travelling to Norway to go fishing for hundreds of years and the sport is as popular today as it was back then.  Not least because of the long and varied Norwegian coastline.

Norway is blessed with both fantastic freshwater and sea fishing opportunities. For example, you can try your luck in thousands of rivers, lakes and ponds where salmon, trout, perch and pike are popular catches. Or you can go for a completely different type of experience along Norway's long and dramatic coastline. In either case, many of our cabins have boats you can borrow or rent.

If you are planning a trip, remember fishing in mountain water is permitted from May to the fall, whilst deep sea fishing is something you can do year round.  Or why not try ice fishing in the winter, but remember and check with the locals where the ice is safe!