Top 5 cabins for the Easter Holiday

Easter is a great time to visit the mountains in Norway. At this time of the year sun is getting higher and the temperatures start to rise.  You can go out and about, and on cross country ski trips, without having to dress up like you are heading out on a polar expedition. The mountain air is clear and crisp and if you don't fancy long ski outings, why not enjoy a hot chocolate in the sun.

All these cabins are ideal for Easter cross country runs both big and small, with servings of Solo (basically the national drink of Norway orange flavoured fizzy drink), oranges and hot blackcurrant also known as ‘solbærtoddy’. Chill out on the sunny side of the cabin, sheltered from the wind and get a tan even! Just don’t forget the sunscreen as the sun is very strong this time of year!

It’s time to plan the next Easter Cabin holiday in Norway!