Summer by the sea in Norway

Coast of Eastern Norway
Here you can experience the amazing Hvaler with the beautiful coast, and the popular resorts of Vestfold and Tjøme. 

Southern Norway
It’s not without reason Southern Norway is popular during the summer period. Rent a cabin here and see the lively atmosphere, sand beaches, rocks and forest areas. Visit the popular areas of Risør, Kristiansand, Mandal, Lindesnes and Farsund this summer.

Western-Norway and Mid-Norway
Go to the west country of Norway and experience the spectacular fjords and the fantastic nature. The areas here are El Dorados if you like fishing. We have cabins where you can rent a boat for fishing in the sea or lakes. Don’t miss out cities like Haugesund, Bergen, Kristiansund, Molde and Trondheim. 

Now if there is one place in the world you should visit – it’s Lofoten in Nothern-Norway! There is a reason why this destination is mentioned in National Geographic’s top 10 lists of places to visit in the world. Do you fancy seeing the “top of Norway” with all it’s amazing activities for all ages – go to see the spectacular Finnmark! 


Here you can see all our cabins by the sea:

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