Bank holidays Norway

Looking to plan a break or trip in Norway for the public holidays? We have listed all the bank holidays Norway has in 2019 and 2020 plus, the school holidays Norway has coming up in the same period.

Bank holidays Norway 2023 / 2024

25. December 2023 Monday Christmas Day
26. December 2023 Tuesday 2nd day of Christmas
1. January 2024 Monday New Years Day
28. March 2024 Thursday Maundy Thursday
29. March 2024 Friday Good Friday
31. March 2024 Sunday Easter Sunday
1. April 2024  Monday Easter Monday
1. May 2024 Wednesday Labour Day
9. May 2024 Thursday Ascension Day
17. May 2024 Friday Constitution Day
19. May 2024 Sunday Whit Sunday
20. May 2024 Monday Whit Monday


School holidays Norway 2023/2024

Christmas holiday 2023 22. December to 1. January week 52
Winter Holiday 2024 18. February 3. March  weeks 8 and 9 
Easter holiday 2024 22. March to 1. April  week 13
Summer holiday 2024 23. June to 18. August weeks 26 to 33

It is worth noting there is some regional variance in the start and end dates and it is a good idea to check the local start dates. Check back here for 2024 dates on the school holidays Norway when they are released.

Easter Holidays Norway

Easter School holidays, Norway – March 22nd to April 1st 2024

With the Easter holidays in Norway running from 22nd of March to 1st of April 2024, there is a good two week break when you can take a holiday.  Easter is a favourite time for the Norwegians.  They love making the most of the last of the snow and the longer, lighter days.

Summer school holidays Norway

Summer school holidays, Norway – mid June – mid August 2023

(dates vary depending on region and school system)

Summer is a fantastic time to visit Norway with the stunning scenery and idyllic surroundings! Why not consider traveling to Norway and staying in a traditional Norwegian summer house? Not only is Norway super child friendly and a generally safe country for travel, but there are a myriad of activities to explore including hiking, fishing, photography, swimming as well as the perfect location for complete relaxation. Check out Visit Norway's ideas for a fun and energetic holiday in Norway!

Winter school holidays Norway

Winter school holidays, Norway

Why would you want to spend the winter season anywhere else?! Norway is the perfect place for anyone who wants an active, snowy, winter wonderland holiday jam-packed with activities including miles of cross country trails, alpine skiing/snowboarding, fun activities and so much more. Just don’t forget to bring the essentials!

Check back here to get up to date information for bank holidays in Norway when planning your travels.

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